Covering Israel and Palestine

March 18, 2014
By The Land Staff Reporters

Read stories and dispatches from the Middle East by reporters in Ari Goldman's Covering Religion seminar.  

Paper or plastic? Both could cost you

March 27, 2014
By Eric Burse

After failing to pass a ban on plastic bags last year, New York City Council members are trying again to curb what they call “the most prevailing environmental issue” facing the city.

News Analysis: Dreamers speak out as legislation remains frozen

April 02, 2014
By Julie Cerullo

On Twitter and other social media outlets, activists have been calling Obama “the Deporter-in-Chief.”

Education in exile

February 21, 2014
By Andrew Lewis

Venezuela’s Youth Day protests highlight an alarming exodus of college students from the country, and most of them may never return. 

Comptroller exposes milk mess

February 27, 2014
By Eric Burse

Scott Stringer’s first major audit takes a sour look at the contracts for supplying milk to New York City school children.

Explosion creates commuter chaos

March 12, 2014
By Asha Mahadevan

Trains were diverted to and from Grand Central Station for most of Wednesday.

Slideshow: East Harlem building collapse


Scenes from Harlem and Grand Central after Wednesday morning's deadly explosion in East Harlem.

Gas explosion kills two in East Harlem


The blast also injured 20 people, rattled the neighborhood and halted Metro North service.

International Pillow Fight Day comes to Washington Square Park

  • Pillow

    New Yorkers are urged to dress up like superheroes and villains and channel their inner child on Saturday. 

An ATM for cupcake withdrawal

  • Cupcake

    One New York City bakery is allowing customers to get sweet treats from the street. 

An officer and a martial arts master working for his community

  • De_los_santos_mtkd_1

    Yeison De los Santos teaches Taekwondo to children who remind him of how far he has come in life.

Reprieve for "bottomless brunches"

  • Champagne

    To the relief of many, the boozy, all-you-can-drink brunch is not illegal after all.

Facing uncertainty, a New York artist stands strong

  • Mccaffrey_

    Finding herself at a crossroads in a career change, New York City artist Judith Modrak took her anxiety, fear and anger as inspiration for the series "Standing." 

Comedy dance group delivers pirouettes with punch lines

  • Coccoon

    Enter the world of the Cocoon Central Dance Team.