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Diaz lucha para tener un gran hotel en el Bronx

March 11, 2010
By Dan Fastenberg

El decimotercer presidente del condado promovío su agenda económica


Clinton aboga por servicio comunitario

February 19, 2010
By Dan Lieberman

El ex presidente y enviado especial de la ONU en Haití, Bill Clinton, visitó Co-Op City en el Bronx y, reflexionando sobre la situación en la isla caribeña, instó a sus residentes a trabajar por su comunidad.


Mitos entre hispanos sobre médula ósea

February 16, 2010
By Diego Aparicio

Menos de la mitad de donantes hispanos registrados donan cuando llega la hora.

New York sits down to dinner

  • Finalsoup

    The staff of NYTable sat down with 12 diverse New Yorkers to see who’s doing what for dinner.

The Bard goes digital

  • Wordplay2

    A theater director is leading educational productions of Shakespeare plays to be read and viewed on an iPad.

Dog lover takes grooming on wheels

  • Groomer1

    Robin Serricchio is part of a growing business of mobile groomers who clip and primp pets curbside and sometimes alert dog owners of health problems too. 

Weighing in online

  • Kiley-reddit

    LoseIt, an online community for motivation and advice about weight loss, is one of the most popular "subreddits" devoted to fitness and food.

International Pillow Fight Day comes to Washington Square Park

  • Pillow

    New Yorkers are urged to dress up like superheroes and villains and channel their inner child on Saturday.