Mariana Cristancho-Ahn


Reciben premios Cabot destacados periodistas que cubren las Américas

October 29, 2010
By Mariana Cristancho-Ahn

Columbia galardonó con el premio Maria Moors Cabot a cuatro periodistas mientras el presidente de la univerisadad habló sobre el "peligroso" descenso en la cobertura de América Latina por parte de los medios de comunicación estadounidenses.


Cabot Prizes awarded to outstanding journalists covering the Americas

October 29, 2010
By Mariana Cristancho-Ahn

Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism awarded the Maria Moors Cabot Prizes to four journalists as the university's president described the "dangerous” decline of U.S. coverage of Latin America.


Judíos latinos encuentran un nuevo hogar en Nueva York

November 24, 2010
By Mariana Cristancho-Ahn

El año pasado, un rabino brasileño tuvo la idea de reunir a la comunidad judía latinoamericana de Nueva York en un Centro Judío Latino (Latin Jewish Center) 

International Pillow Fight Day comes to Washington Square Park

  • Pillow

    New Yorkers are urged to dress up like superheroes and villains and channel their inner child on Saturday. 

An ATM for cupcake withdrawal

  • Cupcake

    One New York City bakery is allowing customers to get sweet treats from the street. 

An officer and a martial arts master working for his community

  • De_los_santos_mtkd_1

    Yeison De los Santos teaches Taekwondo to children who remind him of how far he has come in life.

Reprieve for "bottomless brunches"

  • Champagne

    To the relief of many, the boozy, all-you-can-drink brunch is not illegal after all.

Facing uncertainty, a New York artist stands strong

  • Mccaffrey_

    Finding herself at a crossroads in a career change, New York City artist Judith Modrak took her anxiety, fear and anger as inspiration for the series "Standing." 

Comedy dance group delivers pirouettes with punch lines

  • Coccoon

    Enter the world of the Cocoon Central Dance Team.